General background​

  • M.D International or by it’s full name, M.D Iinternational promotion and management ltd, Operates since 2001.
  • M.D. employs experts of high global scale that specialize in technology analysis and its exploitation in various sectors. 
  • The company’s has many years of experience in developing cross  border business in Israel and around the world.
  • As part of creating business and develop new areas, M.D have acquired significant experience in exploitation and dissemination activities and It has high proficiency in locating potential stakeholders for projects.
  • In recent years M.D. International has developed and been involved in several international projects, mainly in EU.
  • These projects were mostly funded by various funds. 


  • Thanks to these projects, as well as to the significant activities in other arenas in Europe, M.D. International has formed an extensive and an effective network of key person in Europe which gives M.D higher probability in winnining in winning the projects it’s applying to.  
  • M.D has strategic and business collaborations for EU funds in three three major countries: Spain, Italy and Greece. 
  • This collaboration helps in forming consortiums, submitting proposals and obtaining the funds needed for various projects.




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