Why M.D?​

Thanks to our ability of global observation, M.D. has the capability of taking tailor made solutions and generalizing them in a manner that will enable those solutions to be exploited with high success.

In addition, MD has the ability to inspect the assets of a developed new technologies and locate a suitable market for their implementation.

Having obtained that rich experience in exploitation activity, M.D. has the perfect understanding of the dissemination tools necessary for its fulfillment.  

M.D has vast experience and knowledge in consortia creation, projects management and cooperation with many international companies. 

It has familiarity with the latest trends as well as acquaintance with many key players that may support the new developed product.

M.D has  adopted as work method, to think out of the box while approaching new and exiting challenges.

Thinking differently, unconventionally, or from a new perspective, often assist our team to reach the desired solution in the most unexpected place.

M.D. also brings the Israeli experience and knowhow in innovative approach and out-of-the-box thinking.

It is well known that Israel was acknowledged by the international community as the “Start-up Nation”.

The country has the highest amount of Startups per capita and groundbreaking solutions can be found there for the most complicated challenges.   

M.D’s experience of cooperation in such environment as well as deep connections with many players in the field, gives M.D. an excellent position for understanding the best needs and possibilities in the field of high-tech and technological developments​