Project Background​

  • The RCMS is a state of the art autonomous container storage and handling system that provides an approximately 200% increase in storage capacity for a given area, as well as an improvement in "port container" throughput. 
  • Its high levels of efficiency, reliability, and supervision enable the port to proceed to the next generation of container management and give an adequate response to the significant increase in the container traffic in the world. 


Key Principles

  • Simple infrastructure located adjacent to the Ship to Shore cranes – provides a more efficient land use offering an expansion opportunity for ports and terminals. 
  • Direct and easy access to containers in the RCMS building – Each container can be accessed and delivered to the next mode of transport in the most efficient way.
  • Full automation – The system operates under computerized supervision which creates the most optimal and efficient route between the ship and the next mode of transport. 
  • Environmentally friendly –reduces the light and noise emissions, it operates entirely on electric engines and cuts the energy use and thus the greenhouse gas emissions.