Scouting of the appropriate funding programs, where a specific proposal concerning the innovation plan, has to be submitted for funding.

This is a continuous activity of research and review of the existent funding opportunities until a particular call for proposal is identified.


Product Formulation performance analysis is made in order to fine-tune its potential for the target market.

The aim is to help the partner to identify the Precise activity needed in order to be eligible for receiving the funding or being accepted to the project.

locating and recruiting of other partners that will support the group into a necessary combination of ventures and institutions required by the elected program/project. Identification of other Israeli and international ventures and institutions that might create added value and optimize the quality of the future proposal.

A crucial activity in order to increase the chances of success. It consists of several stages.


Locating the right calls for proposals that would suit the findings of the earlier stage and recommending  of the most suitable call to act upon (taking into consideration the level and  percentage of  EU finance against finance percentage needed from the requesting company).

Forming the needed consortium for the chosen call.   

Preparing and writing the program and submission it to the EU. ​

M.D work method​

​Gathering data on the product/service in hand, conducting SWOT analysis, Searching for the properties and the relative advantages, Characterizing the potential target audiences and market/s in order to match specific needs and advantages of market requirements and the target audience.

Standard project is divided  into 9 mile stones that include the operations needed in order to meet the mission.
Every work plan is divided into specific tusks which should end in a well organised document consisting of the tasks results.​