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Acting as a bridge between the Israeli technological & academic ecosystems and the European
Union, MDI's particular expertise is in founding consortia quickly and efficiently with an outstanding
success rate



COMPANY ANALYSIS of your particular competitive strengths vis-a-vis the European market, your business objectives as pertaining to grant work that would benefit you most, and the outlines of your technological offering, as should be demonstrated in concept definition, consortium development and proposal drafting.

MARKET ANALYSIS of the relevant European and global market for your expertise as pertaining to networking for consortium development and for the purpose of identifying your unique value offering to the objectives of the European Union in general.

CONSULTATION ON THE EUROPEAN FRAMEWORKS and their related documentation. MDI will provide summaries and consultation to on all relevant aspects of the calls of interest, ensuring you are well informed of the requirements of the call, are assured of their own admissibility, and have a good conception of the bigger picture expected, including other relevant European policies.


CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT - MDI experts will work in close coordination with your staff and closest partners in drafting a brief of the project proposal. The summary will be geared toward focusing the project activities and expediating the on-boarding of additional partners.


  • Provide consultation on the best potential types and identity of possible partners for the projects that have been identified

  • Contact those organizations or experts or accompany your staff in contacting them, and present the project, the calls for proposal and all other pertinent information

  • Coordinate the specific roles each organization will play in the upcoming proposal

COORDINATION AND SUPPORT  - Coordination and support activities throughout the proposal development and drafting activities. These primarily involve ensuring each partner is aware of their role, is providing the required information to the proposal drafter and the administrative coordinator.


PROPOSAL DRAFTING - MDI will coordinate the drafting of the full proposal to be submitted to the European Commission. This activity will include (1) Coordination of the project concept, objectives, budget, and roles; (2) Collection of the relevant information from the experts at each organization as required to best present the projects excellence, expected impact; (3) Preparation and editing of the full proposal text and design, definition of the Excellence, Impact, implementation, management, and all other required elements.

ADMINISTRATIVE REQUIREMENTS - MDI will ensure the fulfillment of all administrative requirements and the collection of all relevant administrative information from all project partners. This includes contacting organizations to collect their stated budgeting and financial information and documentation and submitting these as required to the European Commission.

SUBMISSION AND FOLLOW UP - MDI will ensure all required documents are submitted to the European Commission Funding and Tenders platform for each of the chosen proposals. Upon submission, MDI will follow up on updates regarding the proposals on the ECs platform or from MDI’s partners in the EU and will relay updates to you.

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There are many ways we can help you gain significant support for your technology or research


Grow your organization strategically

Long term development partnership

What you recieve:

  • New connections with major European and international organizations

  • Lead consortia and the market with major activities

  • Creating lasting partnerships with market leaders and recurring grant opportunities

What we do:

  • Continuously finding calls that fit your requirements

  • Developing consortia according to your strategic objectives and research interests

  • Connecting you with existing calls being driven by our strategic partners


Join a call

What you recieve:

  • appropriate candidates will be given direct support in joining an existing or growing consortium

  • save time and effort and join with other groups for swift funding


Become a stakeholder in an existing project

Join in major actions with our partners

  • We actively manage European projects, particularly in maritime environmental action. Currently, we are the regional managers of LIFE4MEDECA

  • We are also strongly affiliated with major project coordinators around Europe such as CIMNE and SDG4MED

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