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CEO and founder of MDI, Dubi has been a leader in R&D and international cooperation funding for multiple decades. With an MBA from Israel's leading university - the Hebrew University in Jerusalem - Dubi has overseen hundreds of proposals and completes projects. These have included IT projects in West Europe, East Europe and Africa, large-scale trans-Mediterranean transportation projects, multilateral civil engineering projects and many environmental initiatives.

Dubi is an expert of business modeling and growth, go-to-market implementation, and making sure our clients always know what is going on, providing clear concise guidance, inspiring motivation and setting up solid foundations for a functional and healthy work environment.



Chief Research Analyst

Experienced research analyst for academic and market leaders such as the Israeli national planning committee, Superbrands Israel, the open university of Israel, and The Pincus Fund.

David holds a BSc highest honors with a presidential scholarship at the Open University of Israel, an information specialist diploma with honors from the Israel Institute of Technology, and is completing an MSc in Information and Technology Management at Tel Aviv University.

David has also constructed multiple intricate acoustic engineering projects and has a sharp ear for detail.

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Administration and Marketing

Over 15 years of experience in people-related guidance, support, and coordination activities. With a background in psychology and therapy studies and working with a wide range of young to elder population, developed deep interpersonal skills and a high capacity for managing complex processes.



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