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  • MDI employs experienced experts of high global scale that specialize in technology analysis and its exploitation in various sectors

  • The company's leading team headed by Dov Gerber with over three decades of experience in developing cross border business in Israel and around the world

  • MDI has been leading projects to success for over 20 years from a wide range of European programs, including HORIZON, LIFE, DG-MOVE, CEF, TEN-T, MOS, and more

  • Our experts have mastered the full range of work required to lead you from concept, through networking, writing and to success


  • MDI uniquely will fit world-class grant writers according to the specific requirements of your call

  • Our writers are collected from our extensive networks of partners in Europe, including experts in grant writing in the environment, social science, energy, maritime and marine, and more.

  • Among our partners are coordinators that have won and managed thousands of European projects and are thoroughly experienced in every required aspect of the administrative complication of European frameworks - meaning you're left with almost no administrative tasks.

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Building on decades of work, MDI maintains strong affiliation with dozens of European research institutions, academic institutions, NGO's, associations and companies. Working with our affiliates allows us to easily and quickly find the right partners for your consortium, provides invaluable support and consultation on how your concept will be rated within the European context, and allows access to the thinking behind certain calls for proposals.

We're also proud to be associated partners of two important European organizations: The International Centre for Numerical Methods in Engineering, and SDG4MED:


The International Centre for Numerical Methods in Engineering (CIMNE) is a research organization created in 1987 at the heart of the prestigious Technical University of Catalonia (UPC) as a partnership between the Government of Catalonia and UPC, in cooperation with UNESCO. The aim of CIMNE is the development of numerical methods and computational techniques for advancing knowledge and technology in engineering and applied sciences. 

CIMNE employs some 250 scientists and engineers who work in the different offices of CIMNE around the world. 

Over its history, CIMNE has taken part in over 2,000 RTD projects in cooperation with some 500 companies, universities and research Centres worldwide. 

CIMNE has particular expertise in project coordination and often coordinates projects initiated by MDI and our clients.

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SDG4MED, the Joint Observatory of Sustainable Development Goals for the Mediterranean Basin is a shared effort by Madrid-based Fundacion Philippe Cousteau and MDI's associated partners the Italian Fondazione CS MARE.

The mission of the Observatory is to involve Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Small Municipalities in achieving the United Nations’ AGENDA 2030: SMEs account for 99% of the enterprises in the area and for more than 50% of the GDP. By promoting an alliance between local governments and SMEs SDG4MED will help unlock huge potential as thousands of small organizations acting together will be at least as effective on SDGs as large organizations are.

Through its founding partners and associates, SDG4MED has connected an extensive network of leading partners around the Meditteranean and beyond, that can provide the expertise and facilities in driving positive environmental change and greater sustainability.

MDI is currently partnered in the active LIFE4MEDECA project coordinated by SDG4MED.

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